Full body massage | Reflections Beauty SRoomLet yourself relax and unwind with a soothing massage.

Deep tissue back massage- 45 mins
A deep pressure back, neck and shoulder massage ideal for people suffering with aches and pains. Different techniques are used to help eliminate tight muscles and reduce stress.
This massage is ideal for people who prefer a strong massage.

Full body deep tissue massage- 1 hour & 15mins
A treatment designed to leave your whole body feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. This massage is ideal for people who prefer a deeper more intense pressure. After 75 minutes your body will feel invigorated and recharged.

Relaxing back massage- 30 mins
A treatment that targets the back, neck and shoulders to ease tension and relax tired aching muscles.

Full body relaxing back massage- 1 hour
Completely relax with this hour long soothing massage to release tension and relax the mind.

Full body Exfoliation
A full body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin silky smooth. A great treatment to have before tanning, holidays and anyone that feels there skin need that extra boost!

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